Monday, 1 March 2010

My New Year's resolutions? Think more - write less, listen more - speak less..

Hmm... I will try hard but these are problematic! First, it is against my nature and second, it is really difficult to condense complex thoughts, without them seeming a "statement of the bleedin' obvious" (see Judge Sommerville's intervention below). But I aspire to poetry, the most economic of forms...

So, how best to communicate this burgeoning obsession I have of promoting interdependence. Reading around I have found some strong support for this. Sir John Whitmore put me on to Kohlberg and Gilligan and Sue Harrison onto Clare Graves. Their hierarchies of thought, or states of being match my"levels of learning" and Models 1 and 2 (below). For example Kohlberg and Gilligan talk of a move from left to right....


And Clare Graves works from left to right too:


All are about an individual's increasing realisation and understanding about the importance of thinking about, caring about and accepting others and all enhance a motivation to use my PowerPoint "Judging the Point and nature of Intervention" (see website downloads, or slideshare) which suggests a way to look at building capacity in others.

My real resolution 2010 is not to describe these hierarchies much further but rather to explore how we might learn to move towards an emotionally intelligent world view of things. How do we learn and teach ourselves to appreciate the higher reaches in these models? I am keen to talk less, and think more about this and so will listen and read more. Anyone out there who wants to communicate?

(See fewer words already)

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