Monday, 1 March 2010

We are all in it together

Writing the first BLOG (below) and thinking about interdependence has been in my mind again this week, as the Political Party Conferences come to an end. Each has referred to the concept of interconnectedness and how, "we are all in it together". Even this week's conference tried to lay to rest the phrase "there's no such thing as society". So, we are well into interdependence - good. This led to me sketch a continuum or three, to try and draw out, excuse the pun, thoughts about individuals who see themselves as interdependent rather than just independent. They look like this...

dependent - independent - interdependent

vulnerable - reliant - capable - sociable

needs help - self sufficient - provides help

isoltated helpless - helpless - self help - helpful - helping

Do these continuums help describe "states of being" ? Is right a better place to be? I think definitely yes! But perhaps the critical question is - How do we move individuals from left to right? And how do we do it when finance gets tight? Isn't there a danger we regress to self-help when the pressure is on.... back to "Leadership Under Pressure" below. I'd be interested in your thoughts....