Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Big Society

During the election campaign David Cameron launched the idea of a "Big Society" and spoke about the fact that all citizens have a part to play in building it. Whilst this is at odds with the view, allegedly expressed by Margaret Thatcher, "There is no such thing as society" I am very keen to explore the idea. Indeed, after trying to promote interdependence as a concept amongst my New Labour friends and associates I am happy to see if the New Coalition government is open to offers of help in this area.

I see the extremes of policy being tempered by coalition and remain optimistic because I believe there is an appetite for a new type of politics, typified by collaboration, critical appreciation of others' ideas and a growing acceptance of interdependency (as my earlier BLOGS describe). In the meantime, I am pushing for a leadership and learning process that promotes interdependence and I continue my search for acceptable moral purposes - "The Common Goods" to underpin our work and politics. (See PowerPoint below)