Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Day

I've been working on SMSC education recently - Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural for those who don't know and OK, yes, I admit it I've been working on it all my career, although it has been called all kinds of different things in that time - as indeed, have I.  Pastoral Care, RE, Social Education, PSHEE, Citizenship - I wont list what I've been called....

Anyway, in the awe and wonder (get the reference?) of modern technology I came across The Day a digital, on line news sheet for schools and I was really impressed.  I could see, straight away, how it could and probably is really adding value to what schools do.  Realising that I was more impressed than I have been for a while I wrote a quick review...and you can find it here... The Day

I meant and mean every word.  As for The Day itself have a look  here and see what you think.

For more on SMSC and how we make sense of it see the separate page here