Friday, 24 February 2012

Ponds, bubbles and drips

Just wiped a tear from my eye after being reminded of the power the insignificant. I received a lovely email from a colleague Stuart who wrote: “I’ve been a strong believer in being a small-scale contributor to positivity ever since a teaching placement where I noted in my ‘Learning Journal’,  “Spent 2 hours with the children at the pond - found nothing. Waste of a day!”  Later I read a child’s diary entry, “Best day of my life. Been exploring the pond with Mr Spendlow and never would have dared to stand in a pond before!”

I had a similar experience.. I was at a rather boring barbecue with all adults….. I was called “Childish” because I was blowing bubbles  (I must have taken the giant bubble making kit knowing it was going to be a sad affair) I turned on the individual and said, “Oh dear, was that an insult? I will accept childlike but not childish… I’m experimenting and learning… Do you know why the bubbles are different colours….?”  

After a good half hour of discussion, in which many joined in and load of false theories were rationally dispensed, we all agreed that it was “Sunlight on the skin of the bubbles, the different colours being the result of different thickness skins”  We had come to this conclusion after one person noticed that the bubbles that dripped changed colours and those that didn’t drip stayed the same – although they were mostly different colours….  

I haven’t checked this conclusion out because I came to another, namely that adults who have matured to become adultish are boring! I  did return to the woman who had thought she was insulting me to share this but she was asleep and dribbling down her chin. So, I asked, “Why do the biggest drips move quicker than the little drips?”  But I had lost my class...

Thanks to Staurt Spendlow for the pond story...