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ARN QUICK START VERSION  (see detailed guidance below)
 (Level One)

1. Switch off your laptop, PC, or mobile device.
2. Walk out the door of your living space.
3. Go to the nearest door to yours.
4. Knock, ring, or use intercom.
5. Say, "Hello" to the person who opens the door.
6. Smile and say, "I am your neighbour"
(Level Two)
7. Respond appropriately.
8. When complete return to your living space.
9. Switch on laptop, PC and mobile device.
10 Resume normal life.

(We are very keen to develop a COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE.  If you wish to share successful strategies in ARN leave your email and comment in the comment box below this post)

Person knocking on a door (simple version)

(Level One)

1. Switch off your laptop, PC, or mobile device.
1a DO NOT WORRY you will be entering actual reality for only one hour.
1b In extreme  cases you may take one portable device but we strongly recommend setting it to Flight Mode.
1c  Check you are both fully and sensibly clothed (NB pyjamas and/or underwear is not appropriate in most parts of reality) and it is advisable to wash before entering actual reality.

2. Walk out of the door of your living space (home).
2a This is usually the one onto the passageway, road or street and tends to have large locks and security devices fitted.
2b If it is dark outside, return to your living space until it has been light "outside" for at least three hours and then go to 3.
2c You may require additional equipment e.g. rain wear, sunglasses (refer to glossary if you are unsure of these)

3. Go to the nearest door to yours.
3a This will require some investigation - it is like a virtual reality game and so should be straightforward.
3b. If you are unsure search images for doors and memorise these.

4. Knock, ring, or use intercom.
4a Again, there are a range of possible ways to signal your wish to enter the next level. Some players (people) regard this as the crux to this social networking activity.
4b Many people have found themselves unable to proceed.
4c If you are unsure - you may return to home and consider a range of tactics and approaches but you must persist in order to get to the next level.

Level Two

5. Say, "Hello" to the person who opens the door.
5a NB This person is a "neighbour" and they will present in a range of ways.
5b You are now at the crucial part of the activity and what both you and the neighbour does is critical - you are now "solo"

6. Smile and add, "I am your neighbour"
6a This is only a suggested standard tactic - you may find a creative urge to say, or do something else
6b The neighbour now has the administrative rights to both act and react independently.
6c Your skill at Level Two is to encourage both the neighbour and yourself to engage interdependently.

7. Respond appropriately.
7a You are on your own - do as it says.  If you need more information about the nature of appropriate responses go to:
7b If you clicked on that link you need to go to:

8. When complete return to your living space.
8a The activity with your new neighbour might last from between 10 seconds to several hours but you will have to return to your own living space at some time.
8b Using your judgement about when to complete is critical if you wish to enter Level Three

9. Switch on laptOP, PC and mobile device.
9a You will get a huge surge of adrenalin at this stage. This is quite normal and remember, you can only get this adrenalin rush by risking activity in the challenging worked of actual reality.

10 Resume normal life.
10a Note: many have found that their normal life has been enriched by starting this activity. If you have interesting experience  with ARN please make a comment below.

Level Three

ARN is an exciting new concept,  in the development stage.  We wished to test the market prior to launching Level Three .Please leave your contact detail in the comment box if you wish to trial a BETA version.