Friday, 28 March 2014

Poem for School Improvement

To Ofsted inspectors and Performance Managers...

Poetry reading....

Don’t hector me about what I need to do.
Listen to me - I want to speak with you
Stop inspecting and testing me to calculate my pay,
Let’s have a dialogue. Listen to what we say.

It is not a weakness on your part
To share the burden and open your heart.
If you trust me, I’ll trust you,
Let's discuss what might be best to do.

I work here. l know my context best,
So, start with what I know, then factor in the rest.
Validate my judgements, I am a professional,
What I am proposing is entirely rational.

Together, collaborating, interdependently
Less, “Us and Them”, more “You and me”.
Emotional intelligence sounds deep and clever,
Try, "Common language, Common purpose, Common endeavour”

We're looking at what we do, to do it better next time
So stop the flipping coins pantomime.
If we focus on analysis and less on blame.
Those spreadsheets and graphs will be tamed,

We could track pathways together with clearer direction,
Powered by self-evaluation and less inspection.
Ensuing plans and reports will clearly show
Who does What, When and How we'll know

I am building a capacity, understanding success,
Making sense of this accountability mess.
So, don’t hector me about what I need to do.
Listen -  I want to speak with you

And a code to break now you’re done
Take the initial letters of Verse 7 Line 1
Sandwich with www and

Now trial a unique, professional way

John Pearce

The unique professional way...