Saturday, 19 December 2020

Survive Christmas – let’s work for a better 2021

Gloomy or what? 

Last Christmas I sent a Blue Tit instead of a Round Robin, to signify Brexit Bellowing Boris... and we thought that was bad?  So, which bird to signify 2020? 

It had to be a Corvid for a Covid. Crow? Raven? Jackdaw? Jay? No way. I chose a thieving Round Magpie.
Magpie, familiar for Covid19, ravaging amongst us, stealing freedom, lives, even hope, as we cower in lockdown. The Magpie represents the plague in our politics too. Trump amongst birds, with its cocky, narcissistic, swagger and selfish, squawky, tweets. Merciless it forages (Farages?) for fledglings. Bullies always prey on the weak. 

What a despairing year! How could I, can we, crow about successes, holidays and fun in 2020, when so much has been depressing and desperate, for so many? So, feeling gloomy, I resolved to send out best wishes for a better 2021 and leave it at that… 

You too can leave it here too.....  but.... and yet.... then... I reflected…. 

And then came Hope... 

Yes, Magpies are evil killers but no more than Robins we cherish as icons of Christmas. Both are programmed, like the virus, with killer survival skills, oblivious to pain in others. The obvious beauty of one misleads the gullible into cherishing it above the actual beauty of the other. There are human predators too, clearly beautiful to their followers.  My darkest times in 2020 were when I feared the predators were winning. 

Then I spoke to friends who said, “Look for the best in humanity” and I came alive when I saw so many good things. This best picture of Black Lives Matter activist Patrick Hutchinson, protecting a rival demonstrator, sums up the hope I harnessed. There is more hope than gloom out there.
The best of us can think, learn and resist any primal urge to be selfish and cold-hearted. We can recognise, the pain of others. We can work to make things better without doing harm. At our emotionally intelligent best we can support and challenge others to say, “Not in my name”. 

Then In mid 2020 I decided to challenge and block any #SilentWitness I met, who witnessed bad stuff but said nothing. I’ve tried to spend more time on the more hopeful of you out there. 

So, I’m BLOGGING this Christmas to thank the best of you out there and say. What you are doing to make the world a better place is noticed.  Be proud of it and broadcast it.  Pride isn’t a sin, unless we are smug and superior about it. We can and should draw strength from it. It’s OK to Crow! 

Indeed I’m Choughed (another Corvid) to end my Round Magpie morphing into a Round Robin.  iAbacus remains a major motivation, as it coaches and challenges thousands more to reflect and strive for their personal best values in 2020. Dan, the team and I, are excitedly planning expansion into: Health&SocialCare; Business&Enterprise; Sport Lifestyle, alongside Education&Training. 

I remain committed as Chair of KES Chair of Governors at Ripley Infants  and I'm looking forward to being an Improvement Partner with Sherwood Hospitals NHS Trust. 

I’m also trying to better cherish family and friends and I love the workshop and mountains, although missing the latter.

Now your turn....

Start telling the world what you are DOING to make it better – feed all our hopes for 2021.

Don't let the predators win!