Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Big Society

During the election campaign David Cameron launched the idea of a "Big Society" and spoke about the fact that all citizens have a part to play in building it. Whilst this is at odds with the view, allegedly expressed by Margaret Thatcher, "There is no such thing as society" I am very keen to explore the idea. Indeed, after trying to promote interdependence as a concept amongst my New Labour friends and associates I am happy to see if the New Coalition government is open to offers of help in this area.

I see the extremes of policy being tempered by coalition and remain optimistic because I believe there is an appetite for a new type of politics, typified by collaboration, critical appreciation of others' ideas and a growing acceptance of interdependency (as my earlier BLOGS describe). In the meantime, I am pushing for a leadership and learning process that promotes interdependence and I continue my search for acceptable moral purposes - "The Common Goods" to underpin our work and politics. (See PowerPoint below)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Leicester+shire 11-19 Skills Conference

Working on the keynote address for this conference prompted me to extend my thinking and update the presentation "leading Learning for Interdependence". The conference is to be on election day, so when better to consider the critical importance of interdependence and moral purpose in the curriculum! The Powerpoint below supersedes the earlier version (now removed) by adding in some sources for support for moral purpose and some activities for educators to get to grips with as they work through. I've now worked with this Powerpoint in several groups and it seems to get them thinking.