Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Kerala - man walking

As news of huge and impending cuts comes in... comments from valued friends, chime with mine, summed up as, “whathe****? is going on?” I am holding on to the strength of the idea that we create our futures, first inside our heads and then in slow steps and pushes and pulls, with those we meet… today and tomorrow and the next day.  I’m strongly of the view, that in times of cut funding,“sans BSF, sans IYS, sans everything..” we are thrown, inevitably, back towards a shrunken survival mode and leaders must offer hope to those around, by building personal capacity and social capital in our interdependence. This is more about making meanings in the relationships and purpose, rather than the infrastructure.

Now, there is a triple danger in what I do next! It might be seen as a counsel for political acceptance, plus a challenge to financial smugness, plus some evangelical pomposity and so, lead to outright rejection. But, look, in detail, at the picture below… What thoughts does it raise in you? I took it in Kerala two years – we watched him march purposefully, in oppressive heat, a sure pace and even speed, over the horizon. Survival, determination and purpose personified. And look at the care and detail in his kit - his footwear. Its still fires me up! We have been here before....we know what to do... it's head down, ever onwards, the hard yards and then upwards, eyes always open for supportive fellow travellers... Looking for a Tower ahead perhaps - too see further - ivory, or folly?