Monday, 6 December 2010

The Eye of the Storm

I update this BLOG frequently but it has been over a month since I wrote last...  Why?  Because I have nothing to add.  There is a lull, it all seems quiet on the big decisions front.  The cold weather has no doubt cooled down discussion and yet I think this calm could well be the eye of the storm.  We are awaiting a key debate this week on tuition fees... other cuts are impending.  I am travelling round Local Authorities who are threatened with (or are threatening) reduced budgets and job losses but the actual cost is not yet fully clear.  So, does anyone care out there?

I still remember, years ago, trying to stir up some local action before a key planning committee decision.  No-one seemed interested.  The decision was made and when it was announced my door bell  was ringing for days.  Neighbours were demanding to know what we could now do!  I tried to explain that it was too late, the decision had been made and that their anger was fruitless.

So, what are individuals doing about impending cuts and significant changes?  What are you doing?