Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Is it worth it - all this bl**dy Blo**ing?

I still react to the end of school terms, especially at the start of summer, even though the last time I was in school (full time) was 10 years ago.  I respond to the imagined freedom to just do what I want, when I want, how I want.  Good old Dodo, my wife, allows a great deal of that freedom - she knows it will also include mending broken bits of the home and fettling..

So far, I've been building a Tree-House (see BLOG below), playing the piano, mending locks, making a swing, climbing a few Wainwrights, helping daughter and son-in-law move house, writing, swimming, lurking around the internet, working with some great colleagues on iAbacus developments and shrinking my website as I concentrate on iAbacus...

BUT I've also been spending time listening to and reading about very tired heads and teachers at their, real, end of term... and that has made me think about life as a young teacher.

I remember I hated marking because I failed to understand how it was beneficial in terms of time spent... So, I wrote about me as a young teacher, with energy and hair, but in despair and 1973.  All together now... "Ahhh..."
I wrote about having classes of 34+ and how my sense of humour kept me going but also led me to uncover two key elements of my developing career - the importance of feedback and (in the absence of that) how self evaluation helps.
My full BLOG is here:
I'm wondering now - if these reminiscences are of any value at all - Is all this bl**dt Blo**ing any use?  At least there is a swing now and our locks work..