Monday, 20 January 2014


“All the technology, all those screens
 Take a minute to ponder what it means
Does it help us in our quest?
Does new and expensive mean the best? ”

School Improvement
Teacher talks first

Don’t just tell me what I need to do.
Let me talk first and I’ll speak with you
of mountains to climb and courses to be run.
I do understand what has to be done.

Don’t just test me, inspect me and calculate my pay,
let us plot a more sustaining way
Of looking at what we’re doing to be better next time
Get behind me and stop this pantomime!

It is not a weakness on your part
to share the burden and open your heart.
If you trust me I’ll trust you,
Let's get planning what to do,

Together, collaborating, interdependently!
Less, “Us and Them”, more “You and me”.
Emotional intelligence sounds deep and clever,
“Common language, Common aim, Common endeavour”

But its true dialogue has transparency and rigour
When we mine data mountains and chip that figure.
The statistics, tables and graphs will be tamed,
If we focus on analysis, not on blame.

Our plans and reports will clearly show
Who does What, When and How we know
We are tracking pathways with a clear direction,
Powered by self-evaluation more than inspection.

I am building a capacity, understanding success,
Making sense of this accountability mess.
Don’t just tell me what to do
Let me speak and I’ll learn with you.

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©John Pearce 2014