Sunday 10 December 2017


noun: a rounded underground storage organ present in plants such as crocuses, gladioli, and cyclamens, consisting of a swollen stem base covered with scale leaves.

My rhythm method of sense,
A doggerel rap in recompense.
Searching rhyme and reason,
You too? We too? #MeToo?
Is this a change of season?

It’s dark, it’s night, in bed and warm
I metamorphose from Leafman to Corm
Dying, shrinking, crisping to dry,
Oozing down sinews to earth,
A bud still longing for sky

Savil, Weinstein and Spacey rise groping
And Trump with his pussy hands hoping.
Lunging, looming and grabbing they scan
As we cringe, hide and wince,
They boast, "I am man!"

I curse them, the bastards. We know what they've done.
In their darkest of hearts they've dimmed down our sun.
Stunned, for while, we've lost our way.
They perverted and dirtied what it means to be male.
They took our affection away.

We were the romancers
The lovers, the dancers
The poets, the painters of light.
Applauding the best we saw hope in the rest,
Just wanting it all to be right.

Some search for solace in #Metoo they groan
Despairing but sharing, no longer alone,
In the frost, winter bleak, on the hills.
It's somehow less grim as, huddling in,
We whisper and moan of our ills.

Feeling some hope we sense the cold.
Oh, to be strong if not bold.
We turn ears to darkness to catch what they say.
Shivering we nurture our candles,
To warm us and show us a way,

Yes, you evil, oppressors, abusers,
We tell tales of how you have used us,
With non-smiling grins on your faces.
You sullied and bullied in your lip curling toils,
And raped through your countless disgraces.

As you bruised on thrusting, onward in stealth
Entitled by power, prestige and your wealth
We stood aside watching your swagger.
You predators, losers, big-headed braggers,
You pathetic, buggers and shaggers.

We will not lie down!
Well we do but it's gone,
That sense, in loving, as two become one,
The joy as we touched has been smothered.
So, we pause, take care and try to fathom
New wants and needs of our others.

It's time to take stock
Turn back our clocks
Before we're too numbed to see.
To when nothing but us consumed our love,
To those times when our loving was free,

We will stride mountains with hope
Feel awe on their slopes
And find our consensual
We'll know we are blest
And finally rest
On Desire Lines that lead to our soul

Sunday 25 June 2017

Maydays in June

Of Grenfell Tower and other scandals
Why we must Whistleblow a wind of change.

We lay them down in Grenfell Tower
Clad in unintended consequences.
Our very own refugees, lost friends,
Clutching copies of their unread letters,
Dark reproaches Posted to their elders, richers and betters
As dawn approaches.

This year is turning slow
As a thin moon cuts high clouds.
There's a cold wind tonight
After all the heat.

The Bishop’s abused
Shudder in nightmares. Still returning from a broken youth
Listening to Canterbury Tales
Clutching copies of their unread letters,
Collusions of Effusion, C of E Isn’t this the place where sanctuary should be?
How long do we have to wait?
More examples will follow
Some in anger, others in sorrow.
Remember Hillsborough?
The trial starts tomorrow
Only 28 years too late.

Insert here something about bankers
Rhyme it with wankers
  or Saville and Greville
Crisis with Isis
Jersey with mercy
Austerity with Money Tree
Oppression with depression
Warning with mourning.

Now, such verses sound hollow
All homework we learnt
By rote (not by heart) for tomorrow
Then burnt?
Might this rhythmic pattern of rhymes with no reason
Beat the intro to a season of treason?
Time for hunkering down, Backhanding the frown Nodding off to that silent prayer, "This too will pass..."
Repeat the epithets
"Head below the parapet"
"Save your ass"
"I will not grass..."

Too late, too late!
The strong, unbolted, stable Has unbridled hate.
No more high days, hay days
Are there only Mayday Maydays?

The thundering immensity of all this
Falls on deaf ears, bent shoulders, Aching hearts and dimming hope.
Who sees any lightening in our sky?

The first of us rise up
Bare teeth and gesticulate About “Our rights!”
And kick against the pricks.
Our chorus is rhetoric
That empty echo trick.
Rasp it out through sore throats,
Spit it out at scapegoats,
Print it on placards in full view
“For the many not the few,”
Or was that,
"We’re all right - Fuck you!”?

The second of us couch potato down
Watching, screens scrolling,
Eyeballs rolling, swiveling.
Keyboards trolling, driveling.
Surfing click and chips
Licking and index fingering.

The third of us just mutter,
“Democracy,” tut and splutter,
“That stupid delusion
Coalition of confusion
Pathetic illusion”.

Despairing as far-left and alt-right
Meet behind the continuum's back
"What we have you lack!"
Red and blue make a bruise
"Qui s'excuse s'accuse"

The fourth of us ponder,
Frowning, thinking it through.
And if we know of evil do we speak?
Too few do, too few. Would you?
In austerity don't argue with authority.
If you question, or dissent,
You'll be deemed troublesome and slow,
Less effective and efficient
And then, “Let go”.

The final indignity is,
“The politicians’ swerve.”
Loosening their limper grip
On a finely shredded nerve,
We hear them cry, "This is not what we meant at all
We were wanting to stand and serve.”
And see we let them free
For the current bargain plea,
A formal, public statement of apology.

The lonely wise looked up and saw,
At each and every moment too soon,
Beyond the moon,
All our reflections in all our sky.
Each of us a star, a prick of light mingled,
Interdependent, not one of us single.
They turned and asked us, “Why?”

Seeking answers, we vaguely recall...
“Love thy neighbour...
Above all to thine own self be true...”
“If you can keep your head when all around…
“No man is an island…”
“I have a dream...”
“Yes we can...
“Humanity is you...”
These bites are all sound
But do they speak to you?

Could there be hope after all?
The forecast is more wind tonight With a harder frost whoring in.
If we hug closer, safer, warmer, tight
Might we be less vulnerable and small?

Meanwhile in La La Land...
We bend over our youngest singing,
Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high,
There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.”
Straightening, we leave them sleeping
Hearing our words repeating,
“Dreams that you dare to dream really can come true.”

So, let’s dare to dream and teach them
How to face the darkest hours.
We’ll set their moral compass
On those ivory towers.
We’ll demonstrate how to care
And when to be aware,
When others oppress, abuse,
With alternative facts, fake news.
We’ll say their lies are obscene
That grassing up is now green.

So, tittletattle, nark, snitch and tell tale
Whistleblow a wind!
Let our breath of life, be a righteous gale
Buffeting those who sinned.
A hurricane of hope speaking truth to power.
Let this be our learning
From the lesson of The Tower.

John Pearce June 25th 2017

Wednesday 1 February 2017


Scary thoughts on the evening of January 6th 2017 - More of a BLOG but wanted to share thoughts...

BIG BEAR BROTHER IS MESSING WITH US! The Russian Bear is hacking about and scattering our social media trash bins to divide and misrule us...

1. How can it be true that Putin's people's hacked and released selected emails whilst also creating false news to favour #Trump's win in US Election and yet, tonight, so many are saying it did not effect the result? (Because no one dares to suggest a rerun?)
2. Is there evidence that the Trump win (or #Clinton's loss) was secured through Russian interference? The truth will come out soon - it's too big to hide but how long will it take? (My guess is after inauguration- when the most damage will be done...)
3. In the meantime, was the real purpose a trap to set #Trump against #CIA? If so, it appears (so far) to have succeeded... (But, it is still possible that Trump is playing a very clever sceptical twitter feed against a pragmatic set of actions he can only take in office... )
4. Is there any evidence that similar tactics, re false statistics and news were used in UK EU Referendum? Or are being deployed in the French and German elections?
5. Will the long term effect of "all this manipulation of social media" be a realisation that tribal politics is dangerously susceptible to "selectively leaked and falsified information" especially when it supports the tribe's views?
I'm coming to a committed view that the only way forward, for those of us who value thought through decision making in a democratic system, is to work to create an educated electorate who:
a) Think logically
b) Analyse good evidence and argument, before seeking opinions and coming to conclusions
c) Are wary of becoming consumers and publicists (slavish adherents) to others' thinking in cults, movements, political parties, and religions or ethnic, gender and sexual politics.
d) Seek knowledge from respected sources and
e) Are media savvy i.e. naturally triangulate all the evidence, information and possibilities they see before coming to informed opinions and decisions.
Hey ho - Happy New Politics!