Wednesday 1 February 2017


Scary thoughts on the evening of January 6th 2017 - More of a BLOG but wanted to share thoughts...

BIG BEAR BROTHER IS MESSING WITH US! The Russian Bear is hacking about and scattering our social media trash bins to divide and misrule us...

1. How can it be true that Putin's people's hacked and released selected emails whilst also creating false news to favour #Trump's win in US Election and yet, tonight, so many are saying it did not effect the result? (Because no one dares to suggest a rerun?)
2. Is there evidence that the Trump win (or #Clinton's loss) was secured through Russian interference? The truth will come out soon - it's too big to hide but how long will it take? (My guess is after inauguration- when the most damage will be done...)
3. In the meantime, was the real purpose a trap to set #Trump against #CIA? If so, it appears (so far) to have succeeded... (But, it is still possible that Trump is playing a very clever sceptical twitter feed against a pragmatic set of actions he can only take in office... )
4. Is there any evidence that similar tactics, re false statistics and news were used in UK EU Referendum? Or are being deployed in the French and German elections?
5. Will the long term effect of "all this manipulation of social media" be a realisation that tribal politics is dangerously susceptible to "selectively leaked and falsified information" especially when it supports the tribe's views?
I'm coming to a committed view that the only way forward, for those of us who value thought through decision making in a democratic system, is to work to create an educated electorate who:
a) Think logically
b) Analyse good evidence and argument, before seeking opinions and coming to conclusions
c) Are wary of becoming consumers and publicists (slavish adherents) to others' thinking in cults, movements, political parties, and religions or ethnic, gender and sexual politics.
d) Seek knowledge from respected sources and
e) Are media savvy i.e. naturally triangulate all the evidence, information and possibilities they see before coming to informed opinions and decisions.
Hey ho - Happy New Politics!