Friday 12 June 2020

The Global Citizens’ Oath

The Global Citizens’ Oath

I offer this Oath for all who want to work together
to build a caring and sustainable human and natural environment

Will you take this Oath?

If not, how would you edit it, so you could?

I promise to preserve the finest traditions of human behaviour, by acting in the ways of a good and thoughtful citizen of the World. Therefore:

  1. I  willingly accept my responsibilities to care and support: myself; my family, both chosen and blood; my community and my country, as contributors to a thriving human, and natural, world.

  2. I will uphold the best traditions of human belief, religious or secular, as expressed in the Articles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1).

  3. I accept my responsibility for helping all, especially the young, to reach their full potential by working, interdependently, for the common good of others in our global community.

  4. I recognise that not all my fellow world citizens have shared experiences, cultures and beliefs, so I will take time to listen, understand, respect and celebrate our difference, whilst seeking the Common Values we can pursue together.

  5. I will respect the natural world and will support efforts to create a sustainable natural environment.

  6. I will think through ideas, facts, opinions, be critical about what I see, read, hear and think, in order to come to considered and fair-minded views.

  7. I will not be a silent witness. When I see acts of love, care, compassion, and support, I will praise them. When I see injustice, hate, harm, oppression, and abuse, I will speak out and work to reduce them.

  8. I will do no harm and strive to uphold the highest traditions of law and order, developed through representative, democratic systems.  

  9. I will work hard in all this to help create a world we can be proud to hand on to our children and those who follow on.

  10. I will strive to do all this, in peace, with goodwill, good humour and good sense.

John Pearce 15th June


(1)  This has been accepted by most countries as law and to be promoted in schools.