Sunday 18 November 2018


After reading Katherine Langrish's Brexit parody of the Jabberwock - I just had to add a few verses....

Katherine Langrish....

T’was Brexit, and the slithy Gove
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe,
All flimsy were the Faragists,
And the Rees-Moggs outgrabe.

Beware the squirming Gove, my son –
The lying tongue, the claws that catch,
Beware the frumious Boris bird –
Out for whatever it can snatch!

Who now will face it down, my son –
The Brexit-Beast with eyes of flame?
Oh who will seize a vorpal sword, 
And cleave the monstrous thing in twain?

John Pearce....

O horror that this Brexit-Beast
Has gobbleshagged with deadly strife
Beboggling the very weak and poor
Whose crosses gave it life!

“O fractious day! Call-off! Delay!”
Let’s meet to plot at Marble Arch.
“The Brexit-Beast won’t have its way
We’ll Brandish, bannering on a People’s March”.

   In uffish thought and protest we’ll stand, 
Burbling speechingly they came!
Whiffling, chanting Lammy-Chukka fans 
   Remoaners all, with eyes of flame,

Then Lucas, Khan and Cable chortling
With Soulbury, Wollaston EU-mourning
With Delia, Meden and celebs
Howling, “Where’s Jeremy Corbyn?”

One vote, then two! And through then through 
Our vorpal blades will snicker-snack.
And all at once we’ll know
The House of Common Sense is back!

T’will be brillig in the Euroglades. O joy!
When the Brexit-Beast is dead and slain.
Gallumping girls and Beamish Boys
Will be Mimsy when we sway Remain…

John Pearce (after Katherine Langrish and Lewis Carroll)