Wednesday 10 February 2021

Virtuosi Solos For Christmas and New Year 2020/21

I was delighted when my old friend Tarquin Fothergyll-Stanley asked if he could "bubble with us" over
Christmas and new Year. Even better, once ensconced he asked me to record his Christmas Message for 2020.

When such a gentleman, wants to spread his generous virtuosity who can resist?
When he shines a light into our darkness, illuminating the shadows who can say, "No!"?
I give you Targuin Fothergyll-Stanley - enjoy...

After the video's success, accelerated by excess of my Christmas spirits he was thrust into a conversation with his muse.  He scribbled for hours.  Then tired and emotionally he wanted to record a New Year Lament... an expose, dire warnings about men with daft hair.  It is truly an epic poem for our times

Tarquin remains a great friend.  In many ways I will be sorry when he leaves but not in all ways...